New policies make major changes in immigration law

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Many factors go into the government’s decision regarding immigration applications. With a ruling by the United States Supreme Court, the considerations are becoming much more personal, but also more judgmental. The highest court in the country ruled that immigration applicants can be judged based on their past reliance on public assistance and the likelihood that they will rely on them in the future.

The ruling doesn’t set limits on what situations can be considered. Applicants could, theoretically, be punished for becoming unemployed or needing help with medical bills. There are a host of negative factors that are considered in green card applications. These include things like not being fluent in English and dropping out of high school. Unfortunately, the inclusion of financial struggles is now a reality.

Quick start to the new policy

While it was originally believed that the “public charge” rules would start in October, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services notes that the implementation of the rule began on Feb. 24.

The quick start to this process means that people didn’t really get a chance to determine how it would impact them. With this in mind, they should ensure that they work with someone who is familiar with the current immigration laws.

Another change for immigrants to consider

In the past, transportation in the U.S. was sometimes risky for immigrants who didn’t have the proper documentation. A recent announcement by Greyhound may provide some peace of mind about needing to travel. The bus company won’t allow Border Patrol agents to perform immigration checks on the company’s buses unless the agents have a warrant.

The announcement comes on the heels of complaints from civil rights groups. The agents would commonly get onto buses that were within 100 miles of the border in an effort to question passengers about their immigration status.

The civil rights groups noted that this was a discriminatory practice, and Greyhound opted to react. This may help people without proper immigration documentation to feel more secure if they need to travel to see family members or to relocate.

As is the case with all facets of immigration, knowing the applicable laws is imperative. This gives you the opportunity to address any potential issues that might occur during the process. Since the laws and guidelines change often, you should ensure that the person you work with is able to keep up with the most current policies.