How to qualify for the EB-1 visa

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Business Immigration

Foreign nationals may be granted the opportunity to live and work in New York or another state by obtaining a first-preference visa. To qualify for this type of visa, an individual would need to prove that he or she is a multinational executive or an outstanding researcher. An individual who is seeking this type of visa could also obtain it by having an extraordinary ability such as being an elite artist or athlete.

There are 10 different criteria that can be used to determine if a person qualifies for a first-preference visa based on an extraordinary ability. Individuals must meet at least three of those criteria such as judging the work of others or having a scholarly work published in a trade publication. Alternatively, they can show evidence of a major award such as Pulitzer prize or an Oscar.

Professors or researchers must show proof of an employment contract and show evidence of their contributions to a given field. This could include receiving a major award, contributing to a book about themselves written by others or publishing their own research. Managers must show that they are coming to the United States to work for a company that has done business for at least a year. Furthermore, the company must be affiliated with the business an individual worked for while in a foreign country.

Foreign nationals who want to work in the United States will likely need a visa to do so. A business immigration attorney may be able to help an individual obtain one. The attorney may also help answer any questions a person has about the process of getting a visa or which one may best suit their needs. Legal professionals may also help those who want to extend their time in the United States.