Naturalization can take time and effort

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Firm News

Naturalization may sound like something out of science or poetry, but it is in fact an important legal term. It is the term for the process in which a foreign national becomes a citizen of the United States. It is an important step that often comes after months or years of work and preparation.

There are a few basic requirements for people who are interested in naturalization. These people must be adults at or above the age of 18 years. They must also have lived in the United States as a legal and present resident for five years before the date of naturalization.

Knowledge of English, the most common language in the United States, must be demonstrated before the oath of citizenship. Good moral character is one of those requirements that is harder to understand, but it generally means an absence of bad behavior in their past.

Much like applying for a passport, the process of naturalization is accompanied by forms and photographs to prove identity in government records. The fees that go along with this application may not be returned if it is rejected, and applicants are expected to remain in the United States while they wait to learn the results.

When it comes to the preparations and final process for naturalization, it is often best to have the assistance of an attorney. Legal representation for prospective new citizens can help increase the chances of approval, especially since it can be a lengthy and expensive process. Employers can also call on the help of an attorney to help employees become citizens.