Business communities fight immigration restrictions

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Firm News

It is the dream for many people to succeed enough for the chance to come to America. The United States has a lot of opportunities for foreign nationals, especially if they have the skills that the growing economy needs. Families and friends alike can benefit from this sort of exchange as well.

But it has often been challenging to earn entry into and obtain citizenship in the United States. Recent efforts by the government in Washington to regulate immigration are meeting some criticism by experts who claim it will reduce the chances of highly-skilled people to join the American workforce.

The skills in question include science, technology, engineering and mathematics, often abbreviated as STEM. Several nations have education systems that emphasize these skills, which are sought by businesses to add to American product innovation and other industries.

“The centrality of the STEM workforce today across the American economy is evidenced by the fact that in the 21st century Americans with university STEM degrees are called upon to use their quantitative skills in finance, public administration, professional services, manufacturing, information, education, health care, transportation, and retail, in addition to high-tech,” according to a letter protesting restrictions on skilled foreign nationals.

Companies looking to protect their foreign workers can always call on an attorney to help interpret and navigate the changing regulations on immigration and visas. Business immigration is often a large part of a winning business strategy. People deserve their fair chance to enter the country for work. Legal representation for immigration issues is often a good idea for employers and employees alike.