An overview of the naturalization process

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2020 | Naturalization

Foreign nationals living in New York or any other state may be able to become naturalized citizens. Those who wish to become citizens must have lived in the country as a permanent resident for at least five years. A person who is married to a United States citizen must be in the country as a permanent resident for at least three years to be eligible for the naturalization process.

Children of citizens who themselves were born outside of the United States can become citizens if they are currently residing in another country. A person who was under the age of 18 when a biological or adoptive parent became a citizen may automatically become one as well. This may be true if the minor was living in the United States when that occurred. To start the naturalization process, an individual will file Form N-400, and he or she will need to pass a test before being granted citizenship.

Those who complete the naturalization process will typically be granted the same rights as those who were born in the United States. This means that they will be allowed to vote in elections, obtain a federal job or apply for an American passport. Naturalized citizens will also be required to swear allegiance to the United States only.

Individuals who have questions about their rights and obligations as a citizen may want to talk with an attorney. An individual may also want to see guidance if he or she has any questions about the naturalization process or if he or she will qualify to become a citizen. In many cases, a person will need to possess a basic understanding of how to speak English as well as a basic understanding of American history and government to become an official citizen.