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What common jobs do immigrants gravitate toward?

| Jan 15, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Immigrants can come to America for any type of job, depending on experience, training and similar factors that also impact native-born workers. Many come over specifically because they have specialized knowledge. They work as scientists, doctors, professors and others in high-level professions. Companies in the modern workplace seek out the best talent they can find. They do not care where they get it.

That said, many immigrants who come to the United States looking for work, rather than coming because they have a job offer, tend to focus more on manual labor jobs. Some of the more common jobs they gravitate toward include:

  • Taking care of vineyards
  • Working as farmhands
  • Taking care of lawns
  • Doing outdoor cleanup projects
  • Working in construction
  • Working in leisure and hospitality professions
  • Washing cars
  • Giving manicures and providing similar services
  • Working as dry cleaners

Naturally, it does differ a bit depending on where they are employed. Workers in California tend toward agriculture, for instance, while those in New York may wind up doing more construction and lawn care. You can also find immigrants running restaurants, providing transportation services, assisting tourists, and much more.

The two sides of language skills

Naturally, language skills tend to impact what jobs immigrants do. They do this in two ways.

First off, some immigrants do not have English skills or have rather limited skills. In some professions, this can hold them back or make it impossible for them to land a job. Many wind up doing manual labor because the focus is more on the technical skills that they use while working. They already have those fundamental skills, which many native-born Americans lack, and so they are a good fit regardless of English proficiency.

For those who are proficient in English and are therefore bilingual, language skills can be a tremendous benefit to them. After all, the vast majority of people born in the United States are proficient in only one language. They may know bits and pieces of another language — maybe they studied it in high school — but they’re not fluent. They can’t hold a conversation.

Immigrants who can offer fluent language skills in another language, but who also know English, have many advantages in all sorts of fields. They may work as translators, teach in school, help medical professionals and much more. These skills are in high demand.

The immigration process

Are you thinking of coming to the United States for work? Maybe you just want to look for a job and you do not have enough opportunities in your home country. Maybe you already have a job offer and you need to get the paperwork sorted out. No matter what, make sure you know what steps to take.