Law Firm Providing Practical Visa Strategies

A work visa is required for individuals from other countries to come to the United States to work. However, the type of visa required varies depending upon personal circumstances. Delays in obtaining such a visa are common and denials of a work visa can be costly.

Our firm represents individuals and companies ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations. We devote ourselves exclusively to immigration issues. Elsa Ayoub represents businesses that desire to increase the quality of their workforce by striving to obtain the best possible workers internationally.

The Law Offices of Elsa Ayoub, P.L.L.C., has a high rate of success in the adjudication process. We understand the regulatory requirements of each visa category, and we make the process effortless for you. When guiding you through your immigration process, we provide you with an honest and realistic assessment regarding your chances of success.

Understanding the Visa Application Process

Immigration laws are extremely complex and revolve around the type of work sought as well as the applicant's qualifications. Petitions require an accurate assessment of the applicant's qualifications, education and experience, as well as accurately completing required forms and providing adequate substantiating documentation. Great attention to detail is required. Inaccurate information can cause significant delay or denial of an application. The immigration process requires working with a number of federal agencies effectively in order to be successful. We process the following temporary work visas:

• E-1/E-2 visas for treaty traders and investors

• H-1B visas for foreign nationals engaged to provide services in specialty occupations

• L-1A/L-1B visas for intracompany transferees for executive, managerial or specialized knowledge positions

• O-1 visas for individuals of extraordinary ability

The Law Offices of Elsa Ayoub, P.L.L.C., in New York, thoroughly understands the intricacies of the visa process. We provide services in obtaining temporary work visas, permanent residence and citizenship. Elsa Ayoub has personally gone through the process of applying for a student visa, temporary work visa, green card and citizenship. She knows firsthand the importance of obtaining a positive outcome for each petition. We will get to know your specific circumstances, and we will pursue the most direct strategy for having your business or family needs met. Our staff will help you select and organize supporting documentation to include with your petition. We will keep you updated regarding the status of your case and continue working with you until the entire application process is finished.

How to Contact Our Immigration Attorney

With offices in Manhattan, we represent businesses and individuals both domestically and internationally. Contact our law office by calling 800-219-1571. Our staff is fluent in French, Spanish, Arabic and English.